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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed below, feel free to DM us on Instagram or send us an email!  Head over to our Contact page for more info.


How do I join WBLA?

Just drop by a meeting!  We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Meetings are open to all and you can join at any point in the semester.  Follow us on Instagram @wbla_asu to see our upcoming events!


Do you need to be a Business major to join?

Nope!  We welcome any and all majors.


How can I stay up-to-date with WBLA events?

Our Instagram or weekly newsletter will keep you in the loop on all things WBLA!  Click here to visit our Contact page.


What is a Paid Member?

Paid Membership is completely optional; it is not required to join WBLA.  However, there are special opportunities and swag items available for Paid Members.  Click here to learn more!


I paid for membership, but I haven't received the Membership Benefits form yet?

You should receive the Membership Benefits form via email 5-7 days after you pay.  If you haven't received the form in this time frame, please shoot us an email.

Click here to learn more about this special Paid Member program!

What is the Mentor/Mentee Program?



Are there Leadership opportunities available?

You must be a Paid Member to apply for leadership opportunities.  Committee, Intern, and Mentor positions are advertised in the Fall.  E-Board elections are held at the end of the Spring semester.


What is Roundtable?

Roundtable is our signature professional networking event! Click here to learn more.

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