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WBLA's Signature Event where students can network with various employers in the Valley and learn about opportunities with each company.


Roundtable: a WBLA signature event!
Attendees have the opportunity to meet with professionals from ~10 companies to network, connect, and learn about internship opportunities.
Many of our members have gotten internships through their Roundtable connections!

How it works:
There is one company per table (or breakout room). Attendees are put in groups of 5 and move from table to table, getting 7-8 minutes to talk with each company.
This is an incredible opportunity to learn about different career paths, gain advice from individuals working in the industry, and expand your network.

We hold one Roundtable each semester. Limited spots are available and Paid Members get first dibs on these spots. The RSVP form is sent out on our Newsletter, so be sure to subscribe!

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