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WBLA meetings are open to all!  You're more than welcome to join in at any point in the semester and you don't need to be a business major.  We're excited to get to know you! WBLA meets every Wednesday at 7:30pm Arizona time.  We host a variety of professional, social, philanthropic, and workshop events. Scroll to learn more!


Professional meetings consist of General Meetings, Workshops, Leadership Panels, and Roundtable.
For General Meetings, we invite a company representative to present to our members and answer questions.  After the meeting, members can talk with the representative 1:1 to ask additional questions and network.

Workshops help members develop their resumes, personal brand, and more.

Leadership Panels are held once every semester. Female professionals from a given company participate in a Q&A panel with our members.

WBLA's signature Roundtable event is also held once every semester. Click below to learn more.


WBLA Roundtable – October 2023



WBLA isn't all professional!  Social events allow our members to relax, have a fun time, and get to know one another.

We love organizing trivia nights, Halloween pumpkin painting, Galentine's, group yoga, movie watch parties, and so much more.

Join our Slack Channel to stay in the loop!

Faux Flower Bouquet-Making Social - January 2024


Philanthropy is another important aspect of WBLA. We love to give back to our community! 

In the past, WBLA has volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, written letters to students at Boys Hope Girls Hope, and hosted clothing drives.

We also plan an annual Gratitude Week that happens in the Spring semester!


BSC Day of Service - October 2023

Students participated in a day of service with other W.P. Carey organizations, representing WBLA


Come gain some helpful tips and tricks on how to prepare for your professional career!

WBLA hosts workshops for members who are looking to spruce up their Resumes and LinkedIns! Workshops also include company reps coming in to speak about preparing for internships, interviews, and MORE! 

2022-2023 EVP, Cassidy Case, leading WBLA's annual Resume Workshop

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